The Marsh

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Wolf river swamp north mississippi

Notable inhabitants:
-Baloth: Deceased, former chief of the Lizardfolk tribe. Very strong, but slightly dumb.
-Silven: Deceased, Baloth’s brother. Intelligent. Once saved Riven’s life.
-Eon: Young Poisonscale. Ambushed the group and claimed the Lizardfolk are attacking Bandolin because of a promise Silven made to Finneas.
-Kahlyn: Current chief, former guard. Seems friendly enough and claims to desire peace with Bandolin.

The Marsh lies between the Sea and Bandolin. It is home to many unknown and mysterious dangers, from Hags to Owlbears to Crocodiles. Few consider it safe to travel in, as the Marsh is difficult to navigate and most of it is submerged in waist-deep water.

The Lizardolk long ago laid claim to the region and can navigate it like no one else. But even they do not wander in the Marsh after dark on their own. They are often trying to extend their power beyond the Marsh and are frequently wage war with Bandolin. However, since Riven helped Baloth become chief, Baloth has extended a truce to Bandolin as long as Riven is in power.

Recently, Silven convinced Baloth to attack Bandolin (claiming the party had opened hostilities) and the Lizardfolk attacked the city with Finneas’ undead host. Riven killed his old friend Baloth and the party slew Silven. Without a leader, the Lizardfolk stopped fighting and held a duel (which Kahlyn won, becoming the new chief) and they departed Bandolin.

The Marsh

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