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  • Bandolin – Large city, mostly military people. Defined by it’s proximity to the Marsh.
  • Blurge – Small Dwarven town. Recently became a Ghost Town when the citizens turned to Zombies and were mysteriously slain (by you guys).
  • Nobil – Small town north of Blurge. Citizens mysteriously vanished one day.
  • Comis – Town just north of Rael and Tirin. Primary purpose is to distribute goods between Rael, Tirin, and Erathia because of its crossroads location.

Geographic Locations

  • The Cobble – Immense forest, west of Rael. Used to be home of the Cackleskulls.
  • Frostmourne – Desolate mountains north of Erathia. Home to a savage nation of Goliaths who often cause problems for Erathia.
  • Kairne River – River that divides Tirin and Rael, running south into the Theramore Plains.
  • The Marsh – Swamplands between Tirin and Bandolin, right at the mouth of the Kairne River. Home of the Lizardfolk tribe, the Marshans.
  • Rockridge Mountains – Mountain range running north/south, just south of Rael and the Cobble. Home of the peaceful Goliaths Thenna is descended from.
  • Theramore Plains – Large plains south of Tirin and Rael, split by the Kairne River. Home to many tribes of nomadic horsemen of various races.
  • Wastes – Desert in the far west. Home of many scattered tribes and nations of Goblins, Orcs, and such.

Miscellaneous Locations

  • Scholia Arcana – Academy for Magic in Tirin. Sort of like a college.

Other Locations

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