Maelstrom Overview

Map of world version1Hi Everyone, welcome to Maelstrom! I’m still figuring out how this works, so things may be a bit clunky at first. This is sort of a Table of Contents or Hub. So go ahead and bookmark this page! :)

A lot of these links still don’t have much material, but go ahead and start checking them out. Also, on the top bar, you can select “Maps” to see a map of Maelstrom with markers on important places (like Google Maps). The maps are just Paint images I created, so they’re nothing fancy.

Large Nations – For other locations, go here: Other Locations

  • Erathia – A peaceful, but rather overbearing nation, ruled by the benign monarch Andrew Dugalle.
  • Rael – Nation of rogues, thieves, and bandits. Led by the enigmatic Blades.
  • Tirin – Lawful nation with the democratically elected Tirin-Kor as governors.

Non-Player Characters – Important groups

  • Erathian Council – Andrew Dugalle and his closest advisors: Arabella (his sister), Nit (adviser and former Blade), and Prometheus (military commander).
  • Raelian Blades – Assassins/Fighters who “control” Rael (usually known as their weapon): Fang, Dart, Claws, Crag
  • Tirin-Kor – Rulers of Tirin: Viktor, Thrall, and Valenae
  • Folks you’ve met – Characters you’ve met: Ryan, Corgy, Grilljakk, One
  • The “Deceased” – Characters who have died: Krass, Rod (note: anyone on this list is “supposedly” dead, but of course twists can happen and people can be resurrected).

Maelstrom Overview

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