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Raelian Blades
-Fang: Male, Elf Druid (shapeshifter), seems trustworthy. Trying to keep peace.
-Dart: Deceased. Female, Elf Ranger (bow), helped you after Rod’s demise. Was recruiting potential allies. Killed on the way to visit the Goliath tribes in the Rockridge Mountains.
-Rod: Male, Dragonborn Sorcerer (wand), convinced you to get the Flame Orb, then died trying to use it against you.
-Shuriken: Male, Halfling Rogue (shuriken), met you as you were leaving Blurge. Seems to be working with Fang and has quite a bit of information. Helped rescue Riven and is now requesting the group help bring peace between Rael and Tirin.
-Crag: Male, Human Barbarian (hammers), old schoolmate of Thenna, currently seems to be trying to stir up trouble between Tirin and Rael.

-Viktor: Male, Minotaur, Paladin. Not much is known about him, but Krios can attest to how stubborn he can be.
-Valenae: Female, Eladrin Swordmage. The group met her in passing, when she let Ryan pass with the group without alerting any guards.
-Thrall: Male, Half-Orc, Fighter. Holds a grudge against Rael.
-Ryan: Not actually a member of the Tirin-Kor, but holds almost as much power as they do. Chief of Police in Tirin and magically compelled to obey the Kor’s instructions, although he did help smuggle you out of the city by disobeying the spirit of an order.

-Riven: Male, Dragonborn, Paladin. Friendly and confident governor of Bandolin. Brought peace to the wartorn region.
-Sopeye: Deceased. Male, Lizardfolk, ?. Old friend of Riven’s. Blind in one eye.
-Everard: Male, Halfling, Avenger. Grouchy, but helpful gambler. Taught Channa the ways of the Avenger class.

The Marsh

Folks you've met

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