Finneas is a human necromancer who claims to have visited the West and witnessed the horrors firsthand. He survived his adventure and returned to the civilized East, where he became a student to Sandro, a powerful lich. When Sandro was killed by the Blades of Rael, Finneas took up his mission and mastered the art of Necromancy.

Now, Finneas seeks to create an undead army to fight off the forces in the West, believing only the undead can stand where mortals would flee.

Finneas also used Channa to create a lich version of her, with the hopes that her Deva body would be reincarnated. When he discovered it worked, he hoped to create an army of Channa-Liches, but the reborn Deva Avenger refused to take part in his plans.

The Necromancer uses plagued grain to turn entire towns to undead. He recently attacked Bandolin, although even with the Lizardfolk’s help, Finneas could not kill Riven or break the town. He lost his general, Enrique in the attack and, the next day, his Channa-Lich was killed by the party in the Marsh.

Finneas’ current whereabouts are unknown.


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